$ 2.5
per user/month
Billed annually

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Do you charge my whole team?

You only pay for the active users in our service. i.e If your team consists of 50 users and 10 of them use Geekbot, only these 10 will have to pay for the service, regardless if they're in multiple standups.

What about students, nonprofit organizations and charities?

Geekbot supports students and organizations. If you're among these groups then you are probably eligible for special pricing. Please contact support and let us know.

Is there a free plan?

Free Plans will be announced in the near future. After all, Geekbot is a stand up guy and would never leave you hanging!

How long is the free trial?

You can use Geekbot free for 30 days and see your team's productivity escalate! Not to mention the data transparency Geekbot will bring to your team. What are you waiting for? Try it now!