I’ve just set up my geekbot. What comes next?

Make sure you have invited Geekbot to your broadcast channel in Slack, here is how. Now you must simply wait for the time you told geekbot to start the stand up. When that time comes geekbot will take care of the rest.

What will Geekbot do when it is time for a meeting?

You can set Geekbot to either ask immediately when it is time or wait 10 minutes after a member is online in Slack and then send a direct message asking the first question. The second setting means that if one of your team members doesn’t appear online for more than 10 minutes, Geekbot will not ask them.

What if i don’t have anything to answer to a question?

All you have to do is answer with the word nothing and geekbot will omit this answer from the update. This way the broadcast channel will not be full of unnecessary information.

I don’t have time for a standup right now what can I do?

You can use the cancel command and Geekbot will cancel your meeting for the time being. Also you can say off for 2 days or off for 4 days and geekbot will ping you again after the amount of days you specified.

What happens if I don’t answer at all?

Maybe your boss or project manager will wanna have a word with you but Geekbot will just ask again the next day. No hard feelings :P

Can I edit my answers?

Of course! Just edit the direct message that you’ve sent to geekbot and your answers will be updated in the broadcast channel as well.

Where can the reports be published?

You can set Geekbot to publish them in a broadcast channel in Slack. This channel can be either public or private. Being able to broadcast in private channels means that you can have standups including specific members without spamming your whole team.

Can I have more than one standups in one account?

You can create multiple standups from your dashboard. Just press the Add new Standup button at the top and setup your new standup.

What commands does Geekbot understand?

For now Geekbot can understand simple commands like login, report, off etc. You can find a complete list of commands here. But don’t worry soon it will be almost as smart as… skynet :}

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